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The screening process is a crucial as it establishes a threshold for any future encounters. Only serious and respectful inquires will be considered. I value safety and security foremost, as well as the need for vigilant privacy. In respect to privacy, any information conveyed remains strictly confidential.  Please provide me with one of  the three methods for your verification whichever you feel comfortable with.   1-   Two of your recent provider 's information for your verifications, which includes her name , her website information and contact number and your telephone number.  2 - Employment information :  Your company's name and website, your real full name.  3 - Your Verification ID or Handle.  I don't visit first-time clients unless they have filled out the screening form below. The screening process is for my security and your comfort  that I am a legitimate business who serve only credible clients. Once you have filled out the screening form, I will contact you!


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